As Scout Leaders, we have an obligation to provide the Scouting program to as many boys as possible. At one time or another we have all seen the positive influence Scouting has had on a boy, and/or a community. Recruiting new boys into Cub Scouts, whether as Tigers, Wolves, Bears or Webelos, is also fundamental to maintaining a healthy and thriving Cub Scout unit. The most successful Cub Scout Packs are often the ones that place a premium on successfully recruiting new boys, and leaders, every year. Always remember that a successful recruitment means not just bringing new boys into the program, but new leaders as well. New leaders in a unit mean greater shared responsibility, and less work for all the current leaders in the Pack . One of the most important ways in which a Cub Scout Pack benefits from the recruitment process is through the recruitment of not just boys, but families.

–excerpt from Santa Clara Council’s Recruitment Guide

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