BSA Supply has a Summer Reading Program!! Yea I am a bit excited by this.  Getting kids reading is not always easy (especially during summer months), but winning a $5 gift card got my son excited.  My son is excited and told me the titles of the books sound COOL!

The deal looks like this… Go to your local scout store and get a punch card.  Buy (and read) 5 books ($3.99 each) get a $5 Gift Card. Looking at the book list, these books would be difficult for tiger and some wolves to read on their own, so be prepared from some added family time.

DK Level 3

  • Dangerous Beast
  • Let’s Go Hiking
  • Night Creatures
  • Nature Detectives
  • Really BIG Things
  • Real Life Robots

DK Level 4

  • Men on the Moon
  • Secrets of Snakes

DK Advanced Reading

  • Spirit of Adventure
  • Legacy of Honor
  • The Scouter’s Companion
  • Eagle on Ice
  • Gospel of Redman
  • Baden-Powell: Two Lives of a Hero


If you or your son has read any of these please leave a short review in the comments for others.

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  • Ann says:

    I …dunno. I’m all for reading (my Wolves last year LOVED going to the Library and each getting their own card!), but this really just seems to be a way to sell books.

    Our Scout Store is 30 miles away. 60 miles is 2.61 gallons of gas for me, so add $10 to the $21.35 (w/tax) for the books, and you’re spending $31.35 to get 5 bucks back.

    It would be more exciting if they would honor any “chapter” books that the boys read. Just my humble opinion…

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