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National Council is continuing to add theme based pack meeting plans to the Core Value pack meeting plans on their web site.  Soon there will be three supplemental Pack Meeting plans for each month.  All the Pack Meeting plans will be posted on National’s site (and here) at:

Here is the first set of 12 –

            Month            Core Value            Supplemental Theme

  • September      Cooperation      Hometown Heroes
  • October      Responsibility      Jungle of Fun
  • November      Citizenship      50 Great States
  • December      Respect      Holiday Lights
  • January      Positive Attitude      Abracadabra
  • February      Resourcefulness      Turn Back the Clock
  • March      Compassion      Planting Seeds of Kindness
  • April      Faith      Cub Scouts Give Thanks
  • May      Health and Fitness      Cub Cafe
  • June      Perseverance      Head West Young Man
  • July      Courage      Cubs in Shining Armor
  • August      Honesty      Kids Against Crime

The agendas for Jungle of Fun, 50 Great States, and Holiday Lights are already posted.  The titles have been hyperlinked to the files on National’s site.  The agendas for the other nine are at National awaiting final review, approval, and posting.

Kim, the chair of the task force creating the plans and a friend of mine from two Philmont Training Center courses, said to me “I do want to stress that the focus is still the Core Value and the theme is just there as an enhancement.”  The theme pack meeting plans are specifically crafted to bring out the important points of the Core Value in a fun way.  Eventually, there will be 36 alternate pack meetings posted, three for each Core Value, and with the existing Core Value based meeting you will have four total pack meetings for each Core Value from which to choose, thus providing variety so Cubs will not have to see the same thing every year.  Also, it is planned that Roundtables will continue to provide new ideas for Pack Meetings each year that are based on the Core Values.

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