Wolf Achievements
#1 – Keep a Positive Attitude if you need more practice to do some of the Feats of Skill;
#2g – Practice with a positive attitude to perfect folding the flag.
#5 – Keep a positive attitude as you practice skills so you can use tools to make a wood project.
#6a – Complete the Character Connection for Positive Attitude;
#6b,c – Make a collection and share it with another person.
#9b, c,d, e – Know how to make your home and yourself safe and you will be more confident
#10d, e – Read a book or Boy’s Life article or watch a TV show about someone who showed Positive Attitude – share what you learned

Wolf Electives
#3 – Do these requirements while you are working with tools on
Ach. #5 – the more you learn and practice, the more confident you will be using tools
Elect. #5g,h,i – Make a Pinewood Derby Racer
#6b – Choose a book about Positive Attitude or someone with that quality – ask the librarian if you need help!
#7c – Make a pair of foot racers using tools for Ach. #5e.
#11c, f – Learn and sing Cub Scout songs – choose one about Positive Attitude, such as Cub Scout Spirit on pg. 164
#16 – Talk with your family and learn what to do in case of an emergency, so you can feel confident; take the positive step of listing what should be in a first aid kit and knowing where your family kit is kept.
#20b, d, e – Know and practice the safety rules for boating or winter sports.
#22c, d, e – Tell a short story to your den – look for one that shows Positive Attitude; Demonstrate that you know how to get to nearby police and fire stations and other important places; Demonstrate Positive Attitude by helping a boy join scouting or complete his Bobcat
#23b,c,d – Learn how to take care of yourself in the outdoors, if you get lost, and how to use the buddy system – you can feel more confident if you know what to do

Alice, Golden Empire Council via Baloo’s Bugle

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