Bear Achievements

#3b, d – Learn about two famous Americans and tellhow they improved our way of life; point out how they demonstrated resourcefulness. (You might want to choose one of the people listed in this packet); Visit a place of historic interest in your area and look for examples of resourcefulness.
#4c – Read two folklore stories and tell your favorite one to the den; share examples of how the characters showed resourcefulness
#5a,d – Learn about a bird or animal you like and make a poster to share with others; visit a zoo or nature center and observe the animals; be sure to look for examples of animals showing resourcefulness, such as in building their homes or obtaining food.
#9a,f – make Chinese almond cookies to honor Chinese New Year; make a Trifle for a family dessert – George Washington’s favorite!
#10a, b – Prepare for a family day trip and keep your eyes open for examples of resourcefulness; have a family fun night and play a game or make something together – do something non-technological, such as a board game or making a Jacob’s Ladder
#11- Prepare to be able to deal with an emergency by learning what to do beforehand
#12b,d – prepare for a hike with your family and keep an eye out for examples of resourcefulness; or attend an outdoor family event for one of the February holidays
#13b,c,f – become more prepared and familiar with your personal finances by keeping good records and setting up a savings account; play a board game that involves play money with your family.
#15c – try one of the Resourceful games
#16c – create your own version of an animal related relay or exercise
#17 a,b,d – Choose and watch a TV show with an adult – you may even be able to find something about one of the resourceful people listed in this packet; Play charades – it’s a game that can challenge your resourcefulness; use a computer to find information about a person or animal that uses resourcefulness and write a report about what you learned
#21a-g – As you do any of the projects, list and locate or substitute for needed materials; complete the Character Connection for Resourcefulness by considering each project and what changes you might make to improve each one and what worked well and why.
#22 – Do any or all of the requirements to become more skilled to use all available resources as needed in the future
#24 –demonstrate leadership skills needed to become more resourceful

Bear Electives

#2 – learn to use equipment and skills to record and understand weather forecasting
#5 – Become more proficient in being around and on boats; be resourceful in making repairs and using equipment
#7 – use materials and tools in a resourceful way in doing the requirements
#8a,c – be resourceful with materials and tools in making and playing a homemade musical instrument
#9a – use materials resourcefully in doing an original art project
#17 – Be resourceful in your use of materials and tools when making home repairs
#20a,b,c – Become familiar with and follow safety rules so you can do sports with more safety and understanding
#24a,b,c – Learn about Native Americans in your area; look for examples of their resourcefulness in using everything available to them in their environment; share what you learn with your den or pack
#25a,b – Learn about essentials for hiking or camping safely; use the buddy system; on a hike, look for examples of plant or animal resourcefulness

Alice, Golden Empire Council via Baloo’s Bugle

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