A simple one page per scout tracing form for the Wolf badge and Arrow Heads

pdf Wolf Progress Form

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  • Jared says:

    Very helpful. I’m printing for my Wolf scouts. Thanks!

  • Aimee Ferrin says:

    Very helpful, is there any way I could get this in an .xls format? I’d like to customize for our scouts.

    Thank you!

  • H Buckett says:

    I’ve been looking for hours for a simple, clear, one-pager form for Wolf scouts…THANK YOU! This form looks WONDERFUL!

    If you were to update the form, I would suggest removing letters from the wolf achievements section boxes and entering the letters in the gray heading bar instead. This would allow the empty white boxes for each achievement to be used for the date of each requirement being completed.

  • Becky says:

    Thank you very much – this will be so helpful!

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